The Data Platform for fast-growing Online Businesses

Track Users & Unify Data With Unparalleled Accuracy. Power Your Custom Data Solutions With It.

Generate better outcomes by powering Marketing Attribution, Business Intelligence Reports and Data Activation Use-Cases with the best possible data. No code required.

Industry-leading companies using adtribute

The Data Platform for fast-growing Online Businesses

Track Users

Collect data with unparalleled accuracy. 100% GDPR (DSGVO) compliant.

Integrate Data

Integrate all your existing shop, revenue & marketing data. Add variable & fixed costs structures.

Countless Report Templates

Report templates designed to stay on-top of your business, increase acquisition efficiency and maximize retention.

Evaluate A/B Tests

Split-testing tools are bad at identifying your users, creating misleading results. Integrate your A/B software into adtribute to see accurate test results.

Attribution Reporting

See the profitability and LTVs of your marketing efforts down to the ad-level. Deeply understand individual & aggregated user journeys.

Custom Attribution Models

Set custom touchpoint weights and define attribution windows. Switch between click-date & conversion-date attribution. Make your model even more accurate by integrating discount code usage and post-purchase-survey data.

Near Real-Time Data

Sync Data to Sheets

Sync data to Sheets to build your own workflows and tools.

Power Your Existing BI

Instead of adopting new reports, simply power your existing BI with better data from adtribute.

Send Data to Ad Platforms

Increase performance by fueling ad platforms & CRMs with accurate attribution data instead of flawed 3rd-party data.


Configure custom conversion Events. Create your own dimensions & KPIs to analyze your data.

Build Your Own Dashboards

Answer any question by building a custom dashboard for it. Make your reports look & feel the way you want. Increasing data consumption within your teams.

Data Infrastructure

Track Users & Unify Data

Unparalleled Accuracy

True 1st-party Tracking & Strong Governance

Deeply Integrated

Start Building Your BI By Unifying All Of Your Data

Infinitely Customizable

Custom Conversions, Dimensions, KPIs & Dashboards


Built For The Ever-changing Needs Of Growing Companies


Your Custom MTA & MMM

Scale profitable ads further

Ad profitability & modeled view-through Attribution helps you scale spend with ease.

Fully-Custom Attribution Models

Align your entire team behind a single attribution model optimized for better decisions.

Marketing Overview

Keep track of top-level KPIs to spot marketing developments early.

Visualize User Journeys

See what your most common New- and Returning Customer Journeys look like.

Insights & BI

Build Your Data Solution

Bottom up P&L

See accurate profitability numbers down to your Ebidta. Including variable & fixed costs.

Infinite Dimensions

Segment your data by every business-relevant dimension to find growth levers.

100s of Cohort Analyses

Create cohorts based on any dimension. Track their development across countless KPIs.

Build Your Own Dashboards

Answer any question you have by building a specific dashboard for it.

Data Activation

Turn Data Into Action

Use our API or Google Sheets data syncs to build your own workflows and tools. Automate Media Buying, Investor-Reporting, Inventory-Planning & more.

Increasing marketing efficiency

“adtribute has helped us tremendously in gaining a clear overview of our spending - improving the profitability of our marketing. Their service is always first class and you can completely rely on them. Starting over, I would enthusiastically pick adtribute again.”

Etienne Espenner

CEO at Purelei

Enabling deeper understanding of the customer journey

"The attribution system that the team at adtribute have built not only gives us more reliable and accurate tracking than out-of-the-box solutions - The customization they offer has enabled entirely new ways of understanding the buying journey of our customers."

Oliver Crockett

Senior Marketing Lead at

Unlocking growth this custom attribution models

"adtribute has been a huge factor in our growth over the past 12 months. Their ability to build and constantly optimize our custom attribution models has helped us scale up our new customer acquisition while maintaining profitability."

Alexander Pelz

Co-Founder at Rosental

Fulfilling even the most complex data needs

"The biggest thing for us is the customizability. We run a lot of funnels and need specific dashboards for them. But no matter how complex our needs or questions have been, up until now adtribute fulfilled all our wishes, which makes it super enjoyable to work with them."

Jan Bahmann

Founder at Jan Bahmann

Making the difference with custom solutions

“adtribute elevated our ad tracking to a new level. It integrates all of our marketing channels and shows us accurate attribution data. Additionally, their ability to build custom solutions, is what makes the difference for us.”

Guido Hoermann

Manager & CTO at Rocka Nutrition

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